Do you know brilliant software developers who could fit our job vacancy?

To find the best employees we heavily rely on referrals from employees and non-employees. You will get a handsome cash bonus if we hire the referred candidate.

Earn while you help others find the right career in one of the most promising IT start-ups today. You as an employee or non-employee, can get the rewards of a successful hire. The more people you invite and refer, the better chance you have of earning more rewards.

Join our referral progamm YUHIRORefer:

Step 1: Register

Register with us by sending us an e-mail to with the subject line: „YUHIRORefer submission: (Vacancy Position)“. Alternatively you can use the Register Now Form at the end of this page.

Step 2: Fill out the Referral Sheet

After you have sent us the initial e-mail we will provide you with a referral sheet where you can note down the referrals. These should be top programmers you may know of. Send us the filled out referral sheet

Step 3: Invite Referrals

Once your referrals have been included in our Contact List, you may send an email invite to your referrals, encouraging them to apply.

Step 4: Get your Reward

Once your referrals have confirmed, you will be notified and your referrals will automatically be tagged under you. In the event that they’ve been successfully hired, you get the referral incentive that comes with the position.

Register Now and Get Rewarded

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