Trust & Understanding

There are 10 values wich drive our behaviour towards each other and towards the client:

  • Honesty: is essential in an offshoring context and makes you feel better
  • Trust: each other, we believe that the world is essentially a good place
  • Respect: treat everyone on eye-level
  • Understanding: cultural differences, be it in the office or with clients from abroad
  • Walk the talk: if we say that we will do something we will ensure that we do it
  • Mistakes: are seen not as a bad thing, but an opportunity to learn
  • Relationships: strong relationships with co-workers and clients leads to more trust and understanding and eventually to a better overall well-being
  • Professionalism: speaks for itself
  • Transparency: all numbers, data and information is available to everyone

->And above all: These values guide all our plans, decisions and actions. Be it programmers, management or investors.