At YUHIRO everyone (CEO, Management, IT Staff) uses a permanent whiteboard to visualize key elements of one’s goals, tasks and milestones.

The whiteboard looks somewhat like the sketch I did in Windows Paint:

In the following I will explain each section of the whiteboard. There are sections which are constantly changing like the weekly plan, the next week area, the own notes area and the weekly improvement. The constant sections are the daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly goals. These constant sections do not change and remain the same.  To make this blog post more customer centric I have chosen the functional profile of a dedicated software developer as an example.

(1)    The Weekly Plan

In the weekly plan everyone sticks to one major task. This task is divided into the weekdays and roughly described in 4 to 5 sub headings for each day. For the sake of efficiency we take up only 10-15 minutes to finish this exercise at the beginning of the week. The goal for the end of the week is to have something in ship-ready state – be it an improved process, a functional software module or a management report. e.g. Dedicated Software Developer: The developer plans a programming sprint for the week and puts it on the weekly plan

(2)    The Next Weeks

In a one liner the second and third week, after the current week, are described. e.g. Dedicated Software Developer: Second Week “Calculator Module”,  Third Week “Testing the Previous Two Modules”

(3)    Own Notes

This is a free field which can be used at own convenience.

(4)    One Weekly improvement

After the meeting between the technical manager and the software developer one improvement will be mutually agreed upon. e.g. Dedicated Software Developer: Keeping codes well documented

(5)    Daily Goals

This varies for each role at YUHIRO. These are the daily metrics or soft goals which have to be achieved. e.g. Dedicated Software Developer: a) send 8 reporting E-mails to client and update the PMT Tool b) have one 15 minute Scrum Meeting with the technical manager c) Keep up YUHIRO values

(6)    Weekly Goals

Similarily to the daily goals there are weekly goals. e.g. Dedicated Software Developer: a) Have a weekly review meeting with the account manager and the technical manager b) Note down and execute one improvement for the next week c) send the weekly report to client (cc: account manager)

(7)    Quarterly Goal

The quarterly goals have one overarching major goal as well as a sub goal which facilitates achieving the former e.g. Dedicated Software Developer: Major Goal – Excel in Coding Standards, Sub Goal – Take part in training sessions on the topic

(8)    Yearly Goal

Similar to the quarterly goal there is one overarching major goal as well as a sub goal. e.g. Dedicated Software Developer: Major Goal – Build strong relationship with client, Sub Goal – Take part in training sessions on soft skills


The whiteboard can help to have a clear view of what is expected in that particular functional profile. It also helps to remember particular customer requirements.


If you want to know more about implementing a whiteboard system in your company do not hesitate to contact me

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