While establishing YUHIRO Dedicated IT Staffing I came across a lot of interesting books. These are the 5 top books on management and entrepreneurship in my opinon (although there are a lof of other quite interesting books on those topics):

Dale Carnegies “How to influence people and win friends”

The title of the book is a little bit misleading. Instead of influencing people and winning friends it is more of a summary on the basics of human interaction. It can also help greatly to understand and minimize cultural differences as these principles are applicable on a global level.

Ken Blanchards “Gung Ho!”

The book of Ken Blanchard revolves around how people in an organization can be motivated. It is extremely helpful in establishing a culture of involvement and an understanding of why the work one is doing is important.

Verne Varnishs “The Rockefeller Habits”

It took me just three days to finish this extremely readable book. It gives a good overview on how to establish a company vision, mission and values. It also gives good advice on how to handle executive meetings effectively.

Chet Holmes “The Ultimate Sales Machine”

Rather than telling the reader to sell, sell, sell, it advices the sales people to educate the potential and current clients. It makes more than sense, especially because no one likes to being sold to.

Michael E. Gerber “E-Myth Mastery”

A great book on implementing systems and reporting at small and medium sized enterprises. I use it heavily to model business processes at YUHIRO Dedicated IT Staffing.

For further input on good books on management and entrepreneurship do not hesitate to contact me: sascha.thattil@yuhiro.de

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