The following are some key drivers and findings we came to at YUHIRO and I want to share these with you.

Its basically a brainstorm so do not look too much for patterns of thought. Although it can give, in my opinion, a good overview of the key drivers and best practices for employing PHP developers from India.

Key drivers in the web development industry


  • More people from developing nations will go online
  • More people in Europe will be using the internet
  • More business will be done through the internet
  • E-commerce is just at its beginning
  • SEO and Adwords will become a main issue for all companies
  • There will be less young people due to demographic changes in Europe
  • This demographic change is not only affecting Western Europe but even more severely in Eastern Europe where population numbers are dwindling rapidly because of  emigration and low birth numbers due to a change in lifestyle
  • Young people in India are just as internet savvy as young people in Europe
  • Large number of graduates in the IT sector in India
  • Low number of graduates in the IT sector in Europe
  • Low salaries (300 to 450 Euros) in India
  • High salaries (2500 to 3500 Euros) in Europe
  • European companies can leverage these low salaries in India to improve profit margins and provide more stable jobs back in their countries
  • English speaking skills in India are getting better due to an open telecommunications market since about 2005
  • A major shift of European countries like Germany, Spain and France adopting English as the second language after their native language in schools and higher educational systems.
  • The top 20 % of educational institutions (schools and engineering colleges respectively) in India can match European educational institutions


Peculiarities about the Indian web development industry


  • Most of the web developers in India have a 4 years engineering degree in Electronics & Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering or Information Technology.
  • Only about 25 % of graduates from Indian engineering institutes are employable by (large) Indian software company standards
  • Of those 25 % we guess that only half are employable according to European standards


Key findings


  • Cost advantages can only be transferred from India to Europe if there are virtually no overhead costs
  • Therefore there should be no sales staff in Europe
  • No expensive management who looks after the PHP developer (we could call it a sushi concept „high quality raw fish without a lot of preparation“ in this case „highly able PHP developers without a lot of overhead)
  • Companies who hire the developer should be strong in development methodologies and should have their requirements ready
  • Companies who hire should have the technical ability to educate the PHP developer in case of doubts
  • The hired PHP Developers should have experience with frameworks such as Symfony, Zend, YII etc. and have knowledge of Scrum methodologies
  • Most probably the hired PHP developers won’t be strong in those frameworks (because of lacking focus on these by Indian companies) therefore they should be quick learners so that they can grasp and apply the quality standards set by European companies
  • Only the best 10 % of engineering graduates who are engaging in web development should be hired and provided to European companies
  • Companies like YUHIRO should leverage their strength of knowledge about the European markets and the Indian market and should try to act as a bridge between those countries


Hedgehog concept based on the key drivers and findings

We want to become the best company who provides PHP developers with strong development methodologies from India at affordable rates to companies in Western Europe with an employee strength of 2 to 50 employees.


„YUHIRO – European Management – Japanese Philosophies – Indian Experts“

European Management: Most of our managers are from or are educated in Europe
Japanese Philosophies: We apply Scrum, Kanban, Lean methodologies as much as possible (which mostly originated from Japan)
Indian Experts: We employ the best Indian PHP developers available

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