Chapter 3: Mastering a one-page strategic plan

Instead of having dozens of plans and documents to describe the vision, mission and strategy of the company it would be a better practice to get everyone on the same page by having a one-page strategic plan. It also recommends a planning pyramid. But this is too elaborate in this blog post. So I am devoting a own blog post to this topic.

Chapter 4: Mastering the use of core values

Having a few rules, repeating yourself a lot, and acting in ways that are consistent with the rules – these are the three keys whether you are providing your children with a good moral or providing a company with a strong cultural foundation. „I essentially spent the last six years repeating myself“. This is what Hatim Tyabji said about building a strong, global culture on the foundation of the eight core values at his 600 Million Dollar company Verifone.

Techniques for bringing your core values alive

Storytelling: Everybody enjoys a story, so pack your values into good stories when you tell them to your people

Recruitment and Selection: Put your core values to work in the recruitment process.

Orientation: Once hired, its time to incalculate the new found employee. In a week long boot camp the core values can be repeated.

Performance Appraisal: The core values can be measured in the performance appraisal and can be a good measure if the concerned person is living up to the values.

Recognition and Reward: Recognize your people for achieving to fulfill the core values

Internal Newsletter: Include your core values in your newsletter

Themes: Make one of your core values a theme for the current quarter

Everyday Management: CEO’s and management at best run companies can repeat the core values without sounding ridiculous. When you make a decision, relate it to a core value.

Basically: Have a Few Rules, Repeat Yourself, and Be Consistent.

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