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YUHIRO was founded by Sascha Thattil in the year 2011 as a company in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany. From the beginning onward the company was focused on providing software development services for companies from Germany and also for other countries all over Europe.

In 2012 the company moved to Thrissur, India, starting one office at Thattil Nadakalan Complex.

In May 2015 the company was changed into a Private Limited and also one office was started in Kochi. Nowadays the company is known as YUHIRO Technologies Private Limited.

Our focus

Currently we are focussing on providing software development services for companies of all sizes.

Most of our clients still come from Germany. There we focus on agencies, software companies and IT departments, which need software developers.

We have two brands, one is YUHIRO and the other is Software-Developer-India.com. With the later we are catering to a more global audience. Watch the explainer video of our IT staffing service:


Our company values lead all our activities. Out of these values, “integrity” is the most important one.

We look for these values in all new hires, as well as in our current and future employees.

Have a look at our 14 core values and check whether you can relate to those:

  1. Integrity
  2. Respect
  3. Honesty
  4. Understanding
  5. Simple instead of complex
  6. Say what you do and do what you say
  7. Underpromise – Overdeliver
  8. Transparency
  9. Customer is not king, but part of us
  10. Processes
  11. Joy
  12. Action
  13. Help
  14. Ask Questions

To understand in detail what each of these values mean, read our YUHIRO Values and Culture book, which you can open by clicking here.

Information for Applicants

If you are an aspiring candidate wanting to join YUHIRO, kindly ask yourself these questions:

  • Will you be ready to work honestly and with high integrity for YUHIRO?
  • Do you want to work on interesting projects and are also curious to learn new technologies?
  • Do you like to share knowledge?
  • Do you like to help others, especially within your team?
  • Can you keep your word?
  • Are you ready to help our customers succeed?

If the answers to all these questions is “Yes” then we are more than happy to receive your applications. Kindly understand that we have a recruiting process, which is focused on finding people with high integrity, high energy and high intelligence.

Whereby intelligence applies to the field we are hiring for:

  • An intelligent programmer will be able to build great applications, which are scalable and maintainable in the long run
  • An intelligent sales person, will be able to find clients and convince them of our service
  • An intelligent manager, is able to build strong relationships with employees and listens to concerns, implements good solutions and is a perfect executer of strategy

High energy pertains to:

  • Curious about finding a better solution for the client
  • Constantly improving skills by reading, learning and applying new technologies
  • Working independently and without much input from the clients
  • Proactively coming up with new solutions and approaches

The most important trait is integrity at our company:

  • An employee at YUHIRO will always act out of the highest of integrity and will work in our interest, which will be ultimately in the employee’s best interest
  • He/ she will block attempts by clients, employees or management of YUHIRO to act in a way which does not reflect integrity
  • We will do what we preach. We dislike power games and encourage positive teamwork

Where you can find us

Our main development office is in Kochi, Kerala. Most of our employees are there.

In Thrissur currently a part of the administrative things are carried out.

Address of YUHIRO Technologies Private Limited in Kochi:

Mayur Business Centre
2nd Floor, Chittoor Road
Kochi – 682035, Kerala, India

Our registered office is in Thrissur:

YUHIRO Technologies Private Limited
11/472-J/2, Thattil Complex, Kuriachira
Thrissur – 680006, Kerala, India

Want to find out more?

You can browse our website here, some information will be available in English also, even though not so much currently (most of the information will be in German).

We are usually looking for PHP developers, ASP.NET experts, App developers (iOS, Android, Hybrid) and Software Testers. Our job offerings you will find on the major job platforms as well as on social media.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Watch our company video (currently in German only) here:

More information:
Our company profile as PDF document

Picture Source: Flickr.com/ Creative Commons/ Bezrukov/ Spisharam/ Swain

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