Entwicklerbereitstellung in Indien – in 180 Sekunden erklärt – diesesmal auf Englisch

Neben unserer deutschen Version unseres Erklärvideos, haben wir auch eine englischsprachige Version, für unsere international ausgerichtete Marke Software-Developer-India.com erstellt.

Hier geht es zum Video:

We explain how Software Developer India.com makes your IT better.

Michael is in charge of IT projects at a medium sized IT company.

Unfortunately the processes in their project management are not running smoothly.

For the IT Projects it is just not possible to find suitable experts in the areas of PHP, .NET, JavaScript, HTML5, iOS or Android.

Oftentimes Michaels Company is just not attractive enough for good IT experts in these areas.

The experts prefer to work at large companies like SAP, Microsoft, Google and the other large employers in the region.

The customers of Michael explain, that they have a steadily declining budget for IT projects at their disposal.

At the same time the hourly rates in software development are increasing steadily, as there is a lack of applicants and IT specialists in the region.

Therefore a lot of interesting projects are getting delayed.

What can Michael do? He can engage SOFTWARE DEVELOPER INDIA.

They are the experts in providing qualified programmers in their office in Cochin, India.

They have already convinced many other companies through their competency, experience and enthusiasm.

And they offer Michael a suitable solution.

In a workshop SOFTWARE DEVELOPER INDIA works on Eye-Level together with Michael.

Here they determine the requirements, like core competencies, communicative abilities and technical knowledge for the new employee.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER INDIA then goes on search for the client company, to find developers with knowledge in PHP, .NET, C#, Java, Android or iOS.

The complete hiring process is in close collaboration with Michael and his IT department, so SOFTWARE DEVELOPER INDIA ensures that Michael and his company get developers, which are suitable for the company and their quality demands.

Because SOFTWARE DEVELOPER INDIA is putting a strong focus on long term partnerships, they are able to provide Michael with a very good price for their service as well.

Michael and his team members are excited.

The employees provided by SOFTWARE DEVELOPER INDIA are doing a very good job and have fun in their work.

The IT projects of Michaels Company are running now much better. The project execution and support works properly.

The company is more successful.

Michael and the management are happy.

And so that it stays that way, the SOFTWARE DEVELOPER INDIA Team is supporting Michael also in the future.

As long as necessary.

Especially medium sized companies want to improve themselves continuously and are on the search for suitable IT experts.

You too? Contact us at www.software-developer-india.com

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