“How does a dedicated software developer communicate and report to the client?” This question shall be answered in this blog post. Therefore giving an insight, for future Yuhiro employees as well as clients of Yuhiro, on how reporting and communication is structured at our company.

At Yuhiro Dedicated IT Staffing the IT professional employed with us communicate with the client mainly through the following 7 channels.


Here the communication channel are the people involved. Good questions to ask oneself here is: How well do we know our counterparts? Who is on the other side of the line? The company who hires a dedicated developer from Yuhiro Dedicated IT Staffing should get to know that person very well. This can be done through the selection process which will be done together. Also in a later process the company should try to get to know that person better and establish a relationship with him/ her.

Initial Workshop

Another crucial process which can be attributed to “communication and reporting”. In this initial workshop which is right after the successful selection process, the dedicated IT professional as well as the recruiting company define the way in which they work together. Here it is of importance that the employee gets an idea on how “things are getting done” at the client side. Are there any special requirements for reporting or special project management tools? Everything should be worked out here. At Yuhiro Dedicated IT Staffing we also suggest an “Operations Manual” to which the hired employee can refer back to in case of doubts.

Daily reports

Some of our dedicated IT professionals use daily reports for their clients. These meetings are rather short and have a “Scrum character”. Questions asked normally are:
What has been done yesterday?
What is going to be done today?
Where are you stuck?

Weekly reports

Here parts of the project can be showcased to the client. Shortcomings can be discussed here. Normally these sessions will have a length of 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Monthly reports

These sessions are also of one hour length and can be used for performance reviews and cornerstones for improving the collaboration between the dedicated IT professional as well as the client.

Project Management Tool

A professional project management tool can help to improve communications. It can help to be on the same page when it comes to project progression.

Skype Chat function

This seems to be a quite basic tool but it can help communication so that the programmer can clarify doubts about the given requirements.


These 7 channels are basically used for interacting with the client at Yuhiro Dedicated IT Staffing. We always appreciate input from clients on how to communicate effectively.

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